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Eichler homes of America

In the early chapters of Steve Jobs’ autobiography, writer Walter Isaacson details how the Apple cofounder’s upbringing and sense of aesthetic style was profoundly influenced by growing up in an architecturally designed home. And cofounder Steve Wozniak, also grew up in designed home: an Eichler […]

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Sydney House – Beach

Settling in.. Sydney House has moved. Yes that’s right! How could we do it after pouring so much of ourselves into the wonderful house shown on this blog? It wasn’t easy. But like many families, Covid made us reassess our personal priorities – how we […]

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A 2020 modern house #5

Lovely modern houses sometimes come with ample room, but among the early builds, many were extremely modest or even basic. Room sizes were tight, and many were designed to fit with the carpet available. For example, Axminster carpet was in use before Broadloom. You’ll find […]

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Inspiration on Instagram

Among the millions of posts on Instagram, here are a few of my favourites relating to Architecture, Design, Interiors and Architects internationally and locally and relating to P&S homes, mid-century and contemporary works. Great Tags to Follow on Instagram Just copy and paste into your […]

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The Work of John Wardle

One of my favourite architects of recent years is John Wardle. Although well known for the Westfield Commercial Tower in Sydney and several notable city towers and educational buildings, Wardle’s residential work is of most interest. In particular, the Fairhaven Beach House captures my heart. Its full-timber interior […]

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When Dad comes to visit

Late August 2016: It was a happy day when my Dad came over for a peak at the progress. My parents tried not to visit the building site, as it was full of hazards. So, when he came around and had a look, he said […]

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The Barcelona Pavilion

Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to travel to a few places that have offered us lots of design inspiration. In the middle of our design process, we travelled abroad for work purposes and managed to visit the beautiful Barcelona Pavilion in Spain, the new […]

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The Death of Model Making?

Is it real? Or imagined? Since our journey through the design process began for our own home, one thing has struck me. Computers, indispensible as they are, seem to have removed the one thing I loved about the idea of designing or building (or extending) a […]

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Pettit + Sevitt Elements

When we first purchased our house, the real estate agent hadn’t even noticed it was a P+S. Needless to say they freaked out afterwards, realising they might have been able to sell it for more. Nevertheless, we confirmed with the seller’s son and it was indeed […]