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Settling in..

Sydney House has moved. Yes that’s right! How could we do it after pouring so much of ourselves into the wonderful house shown on this blog?

It wasn’t easy. But like many families, Covid made us reassess our personal priorities – how we want to spend our time, how and where we want to live our lives post-Covid, where our kids would want to be with us (even as they got older… breaking news: it wasn’t the suburbs). The financials to do what we wanted to do eventually, especially travel, the nature of our work and so much more came into the equation.

Sometimes you have to take a step back. A house is 4 walls, an inanimate object, a material expression of who we may be or what we are working hard to be… but it can sometimes be an over investment in energy, emotion, relationship and finances. That will be sacrilege to most Architect’s ears, but I feel it’s a more honest assessment of how things are in cities where achieving tranquil, beautiful spaces are an effort in human faith, enormous intervention, and obscene expense even for resourceful folks like us who managed to squeeze value out of every material input.

A search for simplicity means pairing back and changing focus.

Although a bit tired of renovating (!) we’ve been lucky to find another “Sydney school” era home near the water. No urgent needs for now, it is comfortable. But like many older homes it has some interesting site challenges to address. So we’ll be doing that here over the next couple of years!

Like any great project, it begins with research. So we’re exploring more about the house and its history as well.

Stay tuned…

This 5km lockdown radius during COVID (2021) has unexpectedly changed our lives…!
It’s 1979 all over again

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