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Friends of ours, Architects Virginia Wong See and Hamish Holley, made a big move to the NSW north coast. And who could blame them – clean air, open spaces and buckets of opportunities. Different opportunities to those offered by the relatively over-crowded, tightly contested Sydney […]

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Architect Stephen Varady

A Stephen Varady designed house recently went up for sale in the next suburb. A rare gem in a street of otherwise fairly conventional homes, as well as some pretty disturbing knock-down re-builds that probably cost near on $500,000 for a pretty dreadful, if functional, […]

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Architect: Sam Marshall

We¬†love reading about architecture and have known architects for most of my adult life, through our friendships. So, I want to write about the architects I most admire. Starting with our own architect for this house:¬†Architect Sam Marshall Sam is an award winning Australian architect […]

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