Post WW2 and the Small Homes Service

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Australia’s home interiors and Women’s magazines, alongside architects and department stores kicked of the post war building boom with a desire to create something new, and in particular: to respond to our unique landscape and light.

With many previous homes built in the image of England or Europe, kitchens were often internal rooms, houses faced the wrong aspect, ventilation wasn’t prioritised and cooling/heating was coal, fire or gas driven.

The Small Homes Service in 1953 had a precursor to the Pettit & Sevitt Lowline or the lines of the now-iconic Beachcomber by Nino Sydney for Lend Lease, as well a number of house formats you might recognise around Sydney and beyond.

You may own such a house from the many house plans available at the time! We always encourage people to find out a bit about their house if they can, before renovation. It’s not necessary to live in a museum or an ode to the 50s, in fact – impractical for many. But, painting everything white may not be your best solution either!

Read about The Small Homes Service

Images: (c) Museum of Sydney

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