A 2020 modern house #3

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General, Sydney House - Original

Every light and switch was replaced! Amazingly simple but effective, along side a complete rewiring of 50+ year old cables and wires. Loving our original Lowline as we have, lighting was dim at the best of times. The groovy recessed pendants just didn’t emit much light and reading was near impossible.

The entire old home and new sections were required to cope with modern appliances as well. So, 3-phase was installed too.

Downlights now help with reading although we’ve not overdone it, and all have dimmers. Pendants look lovely too.

We had ugly overhead power lines outside the house, so these were detached from the roof and now they are run underground…at great expense (!) but absolutely worth it.

An added bonus has been the ability to add ceiling fans in key rooms and tuck away air conditioning neatly, and mainly use them for cooler months. We have probably only used them 4 times in June/July as the house is very comfortable otherwise.

Light by Vincent Buret, a lovely French Australian designer.
FLOS Sarfatti chandelier, 1958 – new master wing
Many P&S homes had standard ceilings of 2400h making them too low to accommodate fans easily. With the new areas being higher, we are able to add these. They’re very comfortable in summer since we don’t love the dry air of air conditioning too often. We even found low profile fans for the Lowline bedrooms!

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