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I’ve received many words of thanks, encouragement and praise with this little blog on our big journey. It’s been a year since our new spaces became functional and we have been slowly working on the old space. This involves slightly less exciting tasks like replacing damaged drywall/Giprock and ceilings and insulating the old house in the process. If you’re looking for advice to plan and save for repairs, renovations or sympathetic alts and additions, please join the lovely P&S Facebook group.

Officially known as the Pettit & Sevitt Owners & Friends Club it’s a treasure trove of experience and Q&A. We’ve made a few lovely friends from this group and it’s mildly addictive!

You’ll also be able to contact Alastair of Secret Design Studio who set up the group and manages it with Steven Coverdale (an amazing font of knowledge!). It’s a great spot for new and existing P&S owners on approaches to design and repairs, materials, extensions and so on. We didn’t engage Alastair on our project as we were already half way along when the group came about, but he does regular house calls in Sydney, Canberra Melbourne and beyond and Steven Coverdale is a practicing architect in Melbourne as well.

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