Vale Architect Ken Woolley 1933-2015

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Architecture, General

Vale Ken Woolley.

I feel he has followed me around through his buildings somehow…having been born in St Margarets Hospital where he designed the 1956 Chapel, and then I spent many years in the University of Sydney Fisher Library as well as the Wentworth Building. And now in our Lowline home which he designed along with Michael Dysart in the early days of Pettit & Sevitt homes. What a privilege, I am lucky!

During our design process our architect Sam Marshall contacted Ken for his thoughts on our project. It was comforting that he was pleased with the idea, essentially reinforcing that P&S houses were designed to be modular. Reflecting on this we can see this was done many times in the building of many P&S houses as P&S offered smaller and larger versions of a given footprint to customers depending on their needs.

Here’s a tribute to Ken Woolley written by Architect Tone Wheeler. Photo from

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