Architect Stephen Varady

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A Stephen Varady designed house recently went up for sale in the next suburb. A rare gem in a street of otherwise fairly conventional homes, as well as some pretty disturbing knock-down re-builds.

The Fullagar Residence, is just one of Stephen’s many great works. Published widely and winner of several awards, it plants Stephen firmly in my mind as a master of materials, especially cutting edge materials, as well as light and flow. I was able to visit the home when it was first completed, and it really is a beautiful space.

Examples of exemplary space solutions can be seen in the tiny Perraton Apartment. While innovative material use is shown in this example of the Larson Kelly Residence in Tea Gardens …love that Marblo bathroom (below).Then there’s the Stanley Kubrick inspired Pace McEwin Residence! In his work with Kann Finch in the UAE, Stephen also designed the multiple housing projects in the Middle East and in Australia, such as St Columbans. He designed the scheme for the Beirut House of Arts and Culture in Lebanon, and the scheme for 33 Bligh Street – a 30 storey office tower and city zone substation in Sydney.

Marblo bathroom by Stephen VaradyMarblo Bathroom by Stephen Varady

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