A new old house #1

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When we first embarked on this, it was for additions and alterations and that’s what was reflected in our DA. We thought we might need to jazz up the old sections of the house with paint and carpet, especially in the previous kitchen space..the now-4th bedroom.

We’d never imagined that the journey would take us to a complete refit of the old house – brought on by the unexpected ceiling flood, and the fact that crumbling electrics, and giprock gave us little choice. Not only was it never budgeted, it definitely wasn’t planned!

So the next few posts are about what makes this a new-old house. Let’s start with the walls.

Every wall in the house is now fully insulated to the highest R rating, and put back together with new giprock, primer and paint in lovely Lexicon Half.

This house never had cedar ceilings in the original section, so nothing has been created where it wasn’t before. This means, we haven’t covered any beams or timber elements with plaster walls, although this is a trend for some who wish to white-out the Sydney School character.

New skirting boards have been re-fitted the same way the originals were made, same shape and height, and same timber. The old ones were too brittle to re-use.

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